Current Grant Funding:
Flexible and habitual mechanisms of human navigation (£338813.44 from ESRC)
2015: PACE: Perception and action in Complex Environments (£187124.40 from European Commission)

Recent Awards:
Biophysical Sciences Institute Pump Priming Fund (with T.P. Breckon) – £9970
2016: EPSRC Summer Vacation Bursary (with T.P. Breckon & A. Leach) – £1400
2015: School of Engineering & Computing Sciences Summer Bursary (with R Lodge (UG Psychology) & T.P. Breckon (Engineering & Computing Sciences) – £1000
2015: Biophysical Sciences Institute Summer Bursary (with R Lodge (UG Psychology) & T.P. Breckon (Engineering & Computing Sciences)) – £1800
2015: Wolfson Blue Skies Award (with A McGregor (Psychology)) – £1400

Additional background:
 Invited talk, ‘Behaviour, fMRI, dry-EEG and robotics for brain-computer interface innovation.’ Western University, Centre for Brain & Mind, Canada, July 11th, (upcoming). 
 Invited talk, ‘Robust performance of a dry-EEG speller via rigorous BCI design/classification approaches.’, Bioelectronics & Biosensors Congress, London, UK, November 18th.
2015: Invited talk, ‘To build & sustain a world class research reputation’: University of East Anglia, UK, June 2nd.
2014 – present: Honorary Lecturer & Researcher: James Cook University Hospital, Neurosciences Division, Neurosurgery
Grant reviewing: BBSRC (UK); EPSRC (UK); ESRC (UK); INSERM (France); MRC (UK)
Collective citation count: 1360, GScholar metrics: 31/05/2017
Ad hoc Reviewer: Cerebral Cortex, Experimental Brain Research; Journal of Neuroscience,  Nature; NeuroImage; Neuropsychologia etc.