We utilise mobile, wireless & dry EEG technology for brain-computer interface research.  For behavioural (kinematic measurements) we use the high-fidelity shared resource EyeLink 1000.  Although we have both PC-based (Linux and Windows) and OS X operating systems in place for EEG and fMRI in the Lab, we use the OS X (Mac) operating system for our ongoing fMRI research.

An older-generation brain-computer interface set-up (left) and a P300 wave (right) recorded by this system here at Durham University:P300






The 3 T Siemens functional MRI Scanner
of Durham University/James Cook University Hospital:


An iMac in the lab with a 3D rendering of the right hemisphere (top left panel), a next-generation dry EEG system recently funded for our lab by Durham University’s Biophysical Sciences Institute (top right panel) & flat-mapped functional MRI data acquired via the 3 T Siemans fMRI system (bottom panel) that shows activation of the primary motor cortex: