Jason D. Connolly, PhD
Assistant Professor

Department of Psychology
Durham University, Durham, DH1 3LE, UK.

Short Biography.
Dr Connolly carried out doctoral training at Western University (Canada) in the Lab of Professor Melvyn Goodale, FRS. He pioneered event-related functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) studies of the human cortical sensori-motor system.  These studies provide well-cited evidence that the frontal cortex takes on the relative processing load for early movement planning. He received recognition for making a significant impact on Canadian Medicine as a trainee (CIHR, Canada).  To sample lab environments, he completed short postdocs in the USA in two technical approaches (functional MRI; neuroanatomy). These 3 labs were situated at Cal Tech (Andersen Lab), New York University (Curtis Lab) and UC Irvine (Lyon Lab), respectively.  All of these Labs are funded by NIH R01 grants (USA).  Dr Connolly then became a P.I. at Newcastle University (UK) (2009) with funding from the Faculty of Medical Science/Institute of Neuroscience where he published a technical topographic mapping fMRI study on spatial reference frames and another on attention-based coding.  Dr Connolly has been an Assistant Professor in Psychology at Durham University (UK) since 2012.  He now leads a brain-computer interface team that utilises functional MRI, dry-EEG, movement kinematics and neuro-robotics.  The team includes Cognitive Neuroscientists, Engineering & Computing Scientists and a Consultant Neurosurgeon.  Dr Connolly has served as an ad hoc reviewer for Nature magazine and 4 major UK grant funding councils. He holds research grants (ESRC and Horizon 2020) and has received national training (Royal Society) and Durham equipment (Biophysical Sciences) awards.

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